Skype IP address hidden by default, users protected by DDoS attacks

New versions of Skype for desktop and mobile platform hide your IP address by default. A device that reduces the risk of hacker attacks, improving aspects of security and privacySkype is taking another step forward in the pursuit of an important goal: to become an even more secure virtual space for users who use the popular instant messaging service and video calls to Microsoft. In the past few hours, the Skype team has announced that head, by default, the latest desktop and mobile versions of the client conceal the user’s IP address. This possibility has been recently introduced by Microsoft, but the novelty confirmed in the last hour regards the IP address automatically activate hidden.
Of them will be in the first place, categories of users most exposed to the risk of hacker attacks, often the result of simple (and not very mature) retaliation determined by the results of an online gaming session. The flaw in Skype’s security thanks to which you can get the IP address knowing the Skype user name represented a theme well documented for many years. Once identified the IP address, the attacker can set up a DDoS attack, overloading the victim’s Internet connection and obtain, for example, its elimination by an online gaming session.
Microsoft, which acquired Skype in 2011, has not been properly timely to make the change recently announced, the flaw in the security of Skype was known to the developer community since 2010. Appreciable, beyond all, the will to improving the safety aspects with little ingenuity from which could benefit a wide audience of users.
According to allegations made by Skype function is already active on the desktop and mobile versions of Skype. Advisable to download the most up to date by logging on to the official page. As clarified by the Skype team, the default concealment of IP address will be active also in the next release of the application.

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