101 Best Websites To Make Money Writing Articles

101 Best Websites To Make Money Writing Articles "There are many of us who know a number of useful websites using which we are earning couple hundred dollars, but we would never want to share that website with anyone else. Why would we? The world is full of competitions."

Just by sharing the information of those useful websites/agencies,

you will not stop getting any more work. I have always believed in doing something which is good for maximum number of people, and I know many of you believe the same.

Today, I am going to share with 101 best websites to make money writing articles/stories/posts. There is no sequence which I am following here. Let's get started:

1. DemandStudios.com : Demand Studios is always looking for good writers. Just visit their website, apply, share the samples as requested, and get started. You may get anything between $15 to $60 for an article.

2. Suite101.com : Suite 101 was founded in 1996 and is one among the popular online magazines. They do not pay fixed amount for the articles you write for them, they follow revenue sharing system. There is no limit on the money you make per article.

3. Constant-Content.com : Constant Content is a great platform for people who want to buy or sell their articles. If you have a lot of articles which you have never sold to anyone, you can use them here. Just upload the article, set your price, and get the buyer. You can earn anything between $5 to $100 per article based on the price you set.

4. Bukisa.com : Bukisa works on the revenue sharing system. You post the articles or blog posts, the Bukisa team review your content, they approve it, and you start getting paid as per the system. You can keep track of any penny you make here. You can also earn money by referring it to your friends.

5. AssociatedContent.com : You can write anything you wish to. Be it videos, blog posts, reviews, or anything else, you get paid as per the revenue sharing system. The more popular your content becomes, the more money you can make.

6. ehow.com : If you can write the step by step instructions for anything, this is a great place for you.

7. DeveloperWriters.com : Good news for my tech friends. This is the website which can pay for writing about programming or web design. Here, the accepted articles will pay you $30-$50, and accepted tutorials will pay you $45-$120.

8. psd.tutplus.com : PSD Tut+ pays you for writing articles/tutorials on Adobe Photoshop. A tutorial will pay you anything between $50 and $200.

9. WorldStart.com : All of you, my friends, who know very well about the computers, this is a place for you. Write articles for them on the computer tips and get paid anything between $25 to $90 per article.

10. WritersWeekly.com : Writers Weekly is an online publication where you get $40 to $75 per article.

11. OneSpoonAtATime.com : One Spoon At A Time is not a regular place for the writers, but it surely is a great platform to get featured and earn some money. Every month, they feature two guest bloggers on their website. If you get featured, they pay you flat rate of $50. Money might not be great but visibility is. Try it!

12. PhotoshopTutorials.com : Another good website for the Photoshop people. Every tutorial you write for them gives you $150 to $350. Writing once in a month for them may help you get a good portion of the monthly income.

13. TheTechLabs.com : If you are an expert in all Adobe products, do not miss to try your hand with The Tech Labs. Every contribution pays you from $50 to $80.

14. vector.tutplus.com : Write about Vector, submit it to Vector Tut+, and earn $150. As simple as that!

15. Nelrc.org/changeagent : Contribute anything on the adult education and get paid $50 for it. Just be good at it.

16. Ceramics.org : Earn anything between $25 to $150 per submission by writing bulletins/news/articles.

17. DropZone.com : Those who know about Skydiving can try their hand here. You get $50 for every accepted article and $100 for the featured article.

18. MetroParent.com : Metro Parent is a parenting magazine. They pay $15 to $40 for short article and $150-$175 for the detailed articles.

19. SitePoint.com : Site Point is a place for all you Web Developments guys. Write and earn anything between $150-$250 for every submission.

20. ThemeForest.net : Again for web developers. Theme Forest pays you $100 for every contribution.

21. hv-designs.co.in : This is for Photoshop people. Write and get $125 for the contribution.

22. SpyreStudios.com : Contribute your work related to Web Design with them and earn $50 to $160 for your articles and tutorials.

23. Pxleyes.com : Every accepted design related post on this website will give you $200.

24. Uxbooth.com : Another website which pays for design related articles. They pay $100 for the accepted contribution.

25. MostInspired.com : They are Design and Inspiration blog. The payment depends on the quality of your work.

26. CrazyLeafDesign.com : Crazy Leaf pay you for your design related articles as per the quality of the content.

27. PvmGarage.com : Here is something for design and coding guys. Get paid as per the content quality.

28. Triond.com : Triond pays for anything you want to write in your free time. Triond team will review your work and you will be able to your work on your account. They pay you as per the revenue sharing system.

29.  Hubpages.com : Hubpages has become very popular today. Write anything, post them, and get paid as per the revenue sharing system.

30. Helium.com : Helium offers 3 ways of making money. You can earn as per revenue sharing system, you can earn upfront payments, or you can make money by participating in the contests.

31. Squidoo.com : Squidoo is similar to Hubpages.

32. Xomba.com : Xomba offers you to write and share with the community. It works on revenue sharing system.

33. Families.com : Families invite the bloggers and pay them as per the content you write for them.

34. Pakt.com : Pakt allows you to submit any tutorials you want to contribute. They pay you fixed amount for the same.

35. ExpertsColumn.com : Experts Column allows you to write anything you wish to. They work on the revenue sharing system.

36. WritersDomain.net : Writers Domain pays you to write anything of your choice.

37. InfoBarrel.com : Info Barrel shares the revenue with the writers. The percentage varies between 75 to 90.

38. Snipsly.com : This is another social bookmarking website which shares upto 80% revenue with the writers.

39. Seekyt.com : Seekyt share 70% revenue with the writers.

40. SquidStop.com : I have never tried it personally, but I heard that they share 100% revenue with the writer. Check and validate the information.

41. Jevitt.com : Jevitt is another revenue sharing website which shares 80% revenue.

42. SheToldMe.com : She Told Me shares 100% revenue with the writer.

43. TipDrop.com : Another revenue sharing based website which shares 75% revenue with the writer.

44. BestReviewer.com : Best reviewer pays you 100% revenue for writing top reviews.

45. Flixya.com : This website is not only for articles, but for videos, music, photos as well. Get 100% of the revenue you make there.

46. OnGoBee.com : On Go Bee shares 60% revenue with the users.

47. TagFoot.com : Tag Foot shares 50% revenue with its writers.

48. Mixx.com : Share anything you wish to and get 50% revenue to your account.

49. Rateitall.com : Rate It All gives you 50% revenue.

50. ODesk.com : This is a website where you can find number of jobs. Apply for the work you like to do, get selected, submit work, and earn money. There are multiple tests available on Odesk which can increase your eligibility to get better work.

51. Elance.com : This website is similar to ODesk. There are multiple clients who outsource the work to you.

52. Fiverr.com : Yes, you read it right. Fiverr can also help writers. Write small articles, letters, or anything you are good at the fixed price for clients.

53. JustaFive.com : This website is similar to Fiverr.

54. TenBux.com : Ten Bux allows you to offer your service at $10.

55. Dollar3.com : This is also similar to Fiverr where you offer your services at $3.

56. FittyTown.com : Another website similar to Fiverr where each task should be $50.

57. BreakStudios.com : Break Studios are looking for new writers always. You can earn $15 to $95 per article.

58. Textbroker.com : Textbroker allows number of articles listed in their software. You can choose the article of your subject and submit. The pay depends on the writer level you are at. Level 1 pays the highest and Level 5 pays the lowest. You can also form a team or get direct order, if you are good at what you write.

59. DemandMedia.com : They are similar to Break Studios and pay $15 to $35 per article.

60. WiseGeek.com : Wise Geek pays you $10 to $14 per article.

61. eCopywriters.com : They always hire quality writers. You can earn upto $25 per hours.

62. LoveToKnow.com : Love To Know pays you for writing on various niche subjects. The payment depends on the quality of the content.

63. Seed.com : AOL takes care of the website. The writers can submit any content they wish to. They follow the revenue sharing system.

64. QualityGal.com : Quality Gal hires writers all around the world. They pay $10 to $30 per accepted article.

65. WordsofMouth.com : They offer work to writers from UK, Canada, and US. The payment varies as per the content quality.

66. BrightHub.com : Bright Hub is a revenue sharing website.

67. Oboulo.com : Oboulo is similar to Hubpages. They follow revenue sharing system.

68. LookingForClues.com : Looking For Clues follows revenue sharing system.

69. DigitalPoint.com : Digital Point is similar to Textbroker where you can choose the article from multiple genres. You get paid as per the content quality.

70. Ayushveda.com : Here is a website specially for the Indians. They accept all kinds of quality articles and pay $2.5 per 500 words. Very less payment, but this is a good option for you write and earn.

71. iWriter.com : Another website with low payment of $2.5 per 500 words, but good option for Indian writers.

72. AsiaWriter.com : A good website for the Asian friends where the payment varies between $8 to $20 per article. While applying, the writer has to take a test of 20 questions. If you pass, you become the member.

73. Instamedia.com : Another website for Indian writers which pays approximately $2.5 per 500 words.

74. ArticleContentProvider.com : Article Content Provider pays you $10 per article.

75. WritersNetwork.com : Writers Network pays you between $10 to $25 per article.

76. ContentCurrent.com : Content Current pays per word. You can submit article to this website using their online integrated software.

77. Stretcher.com : They pay approximately $0.10 per word.

78. WriterAccess.com : Writer Access accept all kinds of articles and pay depending on the content quality.

79. KnowMoreMedia.com : Know More Media pay fixed rate for the articles which they mention before handling any work to you.

80. SeekingAlpha.com : Seeking Alpha pays $10 per 1000 words article.

81. ConsumerSearch.com : The writers are required to write about consumer products. They pay between $10 to $45 per article.

82. FirstBeatMedia.com : First Beat Media require full time writers normally. There are some positions which they fill with freelancers.

83. UserFeel.com : User Feel pays you for writing website reviews. They pay $10 per article.

84. OnceWritten.com : Once Written pay $5 for articles, book reviews, or any other content they require.

85. Whereiski.com : They pay between $10 to $20 for ever contribution.

86. About.com : About pays over $500 per month for the freelance work. The work required is very manageable as their rate is really very good.

87. Skyword.com : Skyword pays $10 per contribution with the revenue share. This is a great website to get money from dual sources.

88. Knoji.com : They pay $30 for every accepted article.

89. Scripted.com : I have no idea about the payments on Scripted, but heard that they are one of the pay masters. You can expect good money writing for them.

90. WorldStart.com : World Start requires the writers to be more of tech-related. Their payment varies between $15 to $65 per article.

91. Copify.com : Copify is only for UK writers. You can expect a good rate per article.

92. TechWriters.com : Tech Writers pay $15 per contribution.

93. forms.copypress.com : Copypress is a team of writers who are always looking for other writers to work with them. There are various topics available to write on. I have no idea about their payment details.

94. EssayWriters.net : Essay Writers pay $16 for every accepted contribution.

95. AllWriting.net : All Writing pay $5 to $20 per accepted article.

96. InteractMedia.com : Interact Media pay $0.015 per word. There are variety of topics available to write.

97. RealMediaGroup.com : They pay between $3 to $5 for every article.

98. MagicYellow.com : Magic Yellow pays $10 per 500 words. You can apply to them by dropping an email to writer(at)magicyellow(dot)com

99. Contently.com : They pay from $4 to $7 per accepted article. This is a good website if you write fast as there are many articles available in the queue.

100. Examiner.com : Examiner pays $5 for every accepted article. There are general and trendy topics available for the writers.

101. Creative-Weblogging.com : Creative Web Logging pays $20 to $50 for every accepted article.


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