101 Plus Ways To Increase Websites Traffic?

In this post, I will review how to increase websites traffic. There are various ways to increase your website traffic. I have enlisted the top ways to boost traffic to your website.These are most powerful way to increase Websites Traffic But Nancy I have a WordPress Blog & my WordPress Blog ranking was on top position but before couple of days my ranking well down on SERP so can you judge what may be reason behind it & what should I do to get my rank on top position.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Drive traffic to your site from search engine using SEO. Search engine optimization is important to get your website ranking and to gain organic traffic. Read more on how to optimize your website. 

Get #1 Google Rankings

2. Facebook Fan Pages

Create a Facebook Fan Page is a terrific way to promote your website and get tons of traffic all for free. http://www.facebookcom/pages/create.php

3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is the largest dating website. POF lets you pay for traffic and gain tons of traffic to your website.

4. Create King Content

Create valuable content that is worth for reading and sharing with others.

Content Website Builder

5. Become An Expert On Your Niche

By writing high quality and informative articles on your niche your visitors will consider you an expert.

6. Join Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking site are a great way to get your webpage noticed. I have enlisted some of my favorite social bookmarking sites.

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Stumble Upon

  • Delicious

  • Clipmarks

  • Diigo

  • Tweet Meme

  • Fark

  • Slash Dot

  • Friend Feed

  • Newsvine

Discover how you can master the top 4 lead generating tools:

1. Facebook

2. Pinterest

3. LinkedIn

4. Google +

7. Industry Specific Directories

Have your website listed in the most relevant niche specific industry. I have enlisted my favorite free directories that I currently use.

  • Worldsiteindex.com

  • Domaining.In

  • Webworldindex.com

  • Searchsight.com

8. Email List

Building an email list is important to increase traffic and revenue. I have enlisted the top email listing sites.

  • Aweber

  • Get Response

  • Mail Chimp

  • Boomerangs

  • Jango Mail

  • Ezine Director

  • Campaign Monitor

  • Benchmark Email

  • Vertical Response

  • Campaigner

Learn how to build an email list. 

9. Buy Backlinks

Backlinks are also known as incoming links to a website. When buying backlinks is important  to only buy high quality links relevant to your niche. I have compose of my favorite places to purchase backlinks. Buying high quality links will help ensure your site rank higher in less time.

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 10. Email Signature

Include your website address in the footer of each email. This will help promote your website.

11. Drive Traffic To Your Website By Offering A Free Gift. 

Giving away something for free will help drive tailored traffic for your business.

12. Create An App To Drive Traffic

Build a free app to boos traffic to your website. Majority of people use mobile phones than computers this is the reason why is a better way to boost traffic.  Here are 4 websites that provide free services to built an app.

13. Ping Your Site

Increase website traffic simply by pinging. Make sure to use one ping service as a time to avoid been penalized by Google. Here are some of my favorite ping sites.

  • Google Ping

  • Pingler

  • Ping-O-Matic

  • Bulk Ping

  • Pig Farm

  • Feed Shark

  • Ping My Blog

  • Ping That Blog

SEO software that helps any site get indexed and back-linked quickly, click here. 

14.  Twitter

Twitter is one of the latest and greatest social media platforms.

15. Ebay 

Ebay has over 60 million active users. Create a free Ebay account and make sure to fill out your about me page. The about me page should include your website address. Majority of customers will view your about me page before buying a product from you. By placing an website address in your Ebay about me page will increase your traffic site.

16. Classified Ads

You can use classified ads to drive means of advertising directly to your website. I have enlisted some of my favorite ads sites.

  • Craiglist.com

  • Trovit.com

  • Backpage.com

  • Inetgiant.com

  • Adpost.com

  • Classifiedforfree.com

  • Backpage.com

  • Gumtree.com

  • Oodle.com

  • Usfreeads.com

  • Freeclassifiedstuff.com

  • Yakaz.com

  • Epage.com

  • Recycler.com

  • Webcosmo.com

  • Hobbly.com

  • Olx.com

Automated Classified Ad Software

17. Blog Directories

Blog directories is a great way to gain more exposures and increase targeted traffic. I have composed a list of my favorite blog directories.

  • Bloggeries

  • Eation Web Blog Directory

  • On Top List

  • Blogged

  • Blog Search Engine

  • Blog Universe

  • Globe of Blogs

  • Blog Universe

  • Bloggernity

  • Bloggapedia

  • Spill Bean

  • Blogging Fussion

  • Blog Flex

  • Blog Listing

  • Blogio

  • Blog Digger

18. Google Indexed

Google webmaster tools send spiders to crawl the web and find sites to index. Google webmaster tool will increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website.


19. Create A Newsletter

Creating a newsletter and adding links is an effective way to drive traffic to the website. I have compose some sites where you can create a newsletter.

  • Carbon Graffiti

  • Campaign Monitor

  • Buy Templates

  • Fresh Templates

  • Stock Layouts

  • Microsoft Word Templates

  • Aweber

  • Malibu

20.  Google PPC

Google Pay Per Click is a great way to buy and drive traffic to your websites.

21. Google Places

Get your business on Google. Sign up using your Google account and personalize your business information.


22. You Tube PPC

A good place for advertising is YouTube.

Partner With YouTube To Make Money

23. YouTube Video

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? YouTube is a powerful social media platform that helps you promote your website and services through video marketing.

YouTube auto mass traffic generation software. 

24. Article Marketing 

Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which business write short articles about their services or products. The articles are usually about themselves or company. I have composed some of my favorite companies to submit article marketing.

  • Ezinearticles

  • Ehow

  • Hubpages

  • Articlesbase

  • Buzzle

  • Suite101

Would you like to have your own content robot working for you 24 hours a day? Find out how you can!

25. Join Slideshare

Slideshare is the largest community for sharing power point, office presentations, keynote, and info-graphics.

26. Blog Comments

Blog comments is another great way to increase traffic to your site. Make sure the blog comment is respectful, thoughtful, and the site your visiting is relevant to your niche.

27. Install Google Analytics 

Google analytics is a very useful free tool for tracking site statistics.

28. Google Authorship 

Google authorship is a free tool where you can have your picture appear next to your post. Google authorship will help get your face out there and it also creates a backlink to your website.

29. Press Release 

Writing press releases with embedded links and distributing them across newswire can give you a tremendous amount of traffic. I have enlisted a list of my favorite press release site.

  • PR.com

  • OpenPress.com

  • Free-Press-Release.com

  • Free-Press-Related-Center.info

  • 24-7PressRelease.com

  • 1888PressRelease.com

  • PRBuzz.com

  • PR Compass.com

  • PR Urgent.com

  • Express-Press-Release.net

  • ClickPress.com

  • PR9.net

  • EcommWire.com

  • PRLog.org

  • I-Newswire.com

  • PRLeap.com

Mass link Indexing Services.

30. Pay Per Click Ads

Another method of driving traffic to your site is Pay Per Click. Its a method of advertising based on search engines. In order to drive more traffic to your site, you can bid on Keywords relevant to your niche. I have enlisted some of my favorite channels for buying PPC Ads.

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Adwords Ads

  • Bing Ads

  • Ad Cash

  • Has Traffic

  • 7 Search

  • YouTube Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Yahoo Ads

PPC Keyword Tool

31. Newsletter Signature Page

Make sure to include your Social Media links at the bottom of each newsletter. In the newsletter you should include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profile and links to your website.

32.  Sponsor

Sponsor a league team to drive traffic to your website.

33. Twitter Bio

Make sure to add your website link to your Twitter Bio. This will help drive additional traffic to your website.

34. LinkedIn Group

Create a LinkedIn Group and use this list to build your business.

The ultimate LinkedIn Training Course

35. LinkedIn Bio

Many people join LinkedIn and forget to fill out the Bio. Include your website URL in the bio.

36.  Sync Linkedin

Connecting your WordPress blog and your LinkedIn account syncs your blog posts with your LinkedIn profile.

37. Bookmark

Bookmarking your post is a great way for people to save links to your website to share with friends or receive repeated customers.

 38. Blog Content

Your blog or website should be updated at least 4 times per week  or daily. Your content should connect with people and encourage them to engage.

39. Scribd

Scribd is the world largest digital document library. Your able to published original writings and documents. The post will need to be covered to Adobe PDFs files.

40. Forum Group

Insert a forum into your website. You can embed a group into your website by using IFrame and specifying the groups URL.

41. Carnival Blog 

Submit an article to Carnival Blog.  The Carnival Blog are always looking for great blog articles.

42. Sitemap 

Sitemap helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site. You can easily create and verify a site map at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

43. Search Engine Submissions

Submit your site to search engines. Improve your sites visibility  in Google  search results. I highly recommend manually submitting your website pages to the search engines.  I have composed a list of search engines.

  • Google

  • Yahoo

  • Bing

  • Alta Vista

  • Lycos

  • HotBot

  • Go

  • Excite

  • Gigablast

  • Alexa Internet

Search engine submitter software.

44. Affiliate Marketing

Create an Affiliate Marketing program and pay others to promote your services.

Affiliate Marketing for newbies. 

45. Promotional Items

Anything you give out promotional should have a log and URL emblazoned on them. For example, the pen you give out should include a link to your website.

46. Facebook

Drive more traffic using Facebook. Make sure to post relevant information about your niche to your Facebook page. The biggest mistake you can make is to always add spammy links.

Transform your Facebook account into a recurring income generating asset.  

47. Write Killer Headlines

The most important part of your writing is the headline. Writing killer headlines will make your audience click.

48. Hot Topics

Another approach in driving tons of traffic is writing about the latest trends.

49. Keyword 

Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine. I have enlisted some of my favorite tools for Keyword Search.

50. Brand Your URL

URL plates for your car is a great innovative ways of generating traffic to your website. Everyday hundreds of car pass you while driving, stuck in traffic, and so on.

51. Technorati 

Technorati is an Internet Search Engine for searching blogs.

52. Business Cards:

Use business cards to promote your website.  Here are my list of my favorite business cards.

  • VistaPrint

  • Moo

  • GotPrint.net

  • 123 Print

  • Zazzle

  • PrintRunner

  • UPrinting

  • PrintingHQ

  • NextDayFlyers

  • OvernightPrints

54. E-book

If you feel that you do not have the time to write an e-book you buy one. There are site that allow you to buy an e-book and revamp them. Your able to change the title, change the contents, put your name on them as the author, and sell them. I have composed a list of site that you can purchase and revamp.

  • Master-resale-rights.com

  • Plrebooks.co.uk

  • Sally-ebooks.co.uk

  • Floodle.net

  • Plrwholesaler.com

The complete guide to profit on Ebooks. 

55.  Joint Venture Partnerships

Using joint venture will boost your web traffic, subscribers, and revenue. The strategy is getting other people to send targeted traffic to your website. I have created a list of owner websites that will review your product.

  • Payperpost.com

  • Smorty.com

  • SocialSpark.com

  • TextLinkAds.com

  • Linkworth.com

  • Loudlaunch.com

  • Sponsoredreviews.com

  • Blogsvertise.com

  • Buyblogreviews.com

Joint Venture Secrets Exposed. 

56. Compatible E-book

Make your e-book compatible for Amazon, Kindle, and Nook. Then sell your be able to sell your e-book. Make sure your E-book has embedded links to drive traffic back to your site. The next step is to find sites to start publishing your book.  I have composed a list of my favorite places where you can sell your e-book.

  • Amazon

  • Barnes and Noble

  • PayHip

  • Lulu

  • SmashWords

  • KoboWritingLife

  • PubIt

  • BookTango

  • EJunkie

  • Scribd

  • EbookMall

  • EbookIt

  • TradeBit

  • ClickBank

  • PayLoadz

  • PaySpree

  • Click2Sell

  • Instabuck

  • KayTan

  • Blurb

  • MyEbook

The complete guide to profit on Ebooks.

57. Comment Area 

Building a community around your company is a great way to generate value in your business. If your using WordPress, I personally recommend Comment Luv Plugin. 

58. Buy Traffic On Micro Sites

Another great technique to buying traffic is hiring a freelance to drive traffic to your website. I have composed some of my favorite places to buy traffic.


59. Twitter Traffic 

Did you know you can buy Twitter traffic? A great technique to sell affiliate products or drive traffic to your site is selling their tweets to advertisers. There are people with over 100,000 followers that you can pay a fee for them to tweet your website or affiliate links. There are various ways to pay for Twitter traffic.

Auto Mass Traffic Generator.

60.  Hire Outsourcer

If you do not have time to dedicate the necessary time for your blog hire an outsourcer. The outsourcer can help you build traffic by doing certain jobs for you. I have composed a list of sites where you can hire an outsource.

  • Elance

  • PeoplePerHour

  • HireMyMom

  • Scriptlance

  • 123Employee

  • ContentDivas

  • Guru

  • Onlinejobs.ph

  • oDesk

  • vWorker

Activities your outsource can perform are the following:

  1. Traffic Generation

  2. Writing

  3. Content Creation

  4. Web Design

  5. Customer Service

  6. Administrative Tools

  7. Handle All Social Media

  8. Find Joint Venture

  9. And much more…..

 61. RSS Feed

RSS is a vital part of your SEO Strategy. RSS feeds also can be optimized for search engines.  I have compose a list of my  favorite RSS Feeds.

  • Feedburner

  • Feedcat

  • Feedforall

  • Feedity

  • Rapidfeeds

  • Feedblitz

  • Postrank

  • JetPack

  • MadMini

  • RapidFeeds

  • RevResponse

  • Subscribe2

62. Stumble Upon PPC

StumbleUpon pay per click delivers the right traffic directly to your website. Setting up the PPC campaign can be done as little as $10 a day.

63. Facebook Groups

Another great technique to drive traffic to your website is joining Facebook Groups. Find Facebook Groups relevant to your niche and start posting blog content from your website.


64. Newspaper

Using print ads is another effective way to drive traffic. Simply place an ad in the local paper.

65. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great way to introduced your self to others as an expertise on your niche. Find blogs relevant to your niche and ask them if they are accepting guest blogging. Here is a link that I personally use to find sites allowing guest blogging.


66. Free Incentives

Offering a free incentive is a great way to drive traffic to your website. I personally like giving a free E-book. The free incentive could be anything you like to offer for your audience.

67. ClickBank 

There are 2 unique ways to drive traffic to your ClickBank Page. The first source of traffic will be Affiliate Marketers. The Affiliate Marketers will be stopping at your site to check out your services. The second mass of traffic will be from targeted traffic send by the Affiliate Marketers.

68 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysis traffic on your website. This free tool will help you determine where your traffic comes.


69. Webinars

Webinars is a great way to drive traffic to your website. The reason why I love webinars because they convert better than websites.

70. Flyers

When it comes to driving traffic to your website at times we have to come up with initiative ways. There are companies you can hire which will help you print flyers and distribute them.

71. Website Address

Add your website url every where you go online. Make sure to add the http:// to create a hyper link.

72. Social Media Sites

Have you registered your name in social media sites. There is a site called Namechk  that allows you check the desire username is available.


73. Build Credibility

Building credibility in the beginning can be very hard. To build credibility you must know what your talking about. Be confident and offer your services to everyone. Make sure you sell your services and send them to your website.

74. Stand Out

Stand out from your competition are ways to keep and gain new visitors and build brand awareness.

  • Get personal with each customer and always reply back to your audience.

  • Be original from your competition.

  • Be consistent with your site and keep your word. If you tell your audience you will post every wednesday make sure to follow through.

  • Solved problems for customer they will love you for it.

  • Listen to customers needs and wants.

75. Bumper Sticker 

You can create bumper sticker to promote your website.

76. Amazon Pay Per Click

Using pay per click is one of the best methods of increasing your site traffic. Amazon offers PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your site.

77. Hire Internet Marketing Firm To Help Drive Traffic To Site

Hiring an expert at times is the easiest ways to drive traffic to a site if you have the funds. I have enlisted the top Internet Marketing Firms.

  • Increasevisibility.com

  • Webimax.com

  • Seop.com

  • Intrapromote.com

  • Arteworks.biz

  • Oneupweb.com

  • Seoimage.com

  • Customermagnatism.com

  • Thinkbigsites.com

  • Eliteseomarketing.com

  • First-page-seo.com

  • Elephant-traffic.com

  • Peakpositions.com

  • SEO.com

  • Webmetro.com

Sometimes investing in a product might be cheaper than hiring an SEO expert. Traffic generatoris a great tool to drive massive traffic to your website.

 78. Social Media Buttons

Using social media buttons to share your site is a great way to drive more traffic.

79. Site Description

Write unique effective meta description. The better the description the higher conversion rate.

80. Optimize Images

Optimize the images on your site.

81. Join A Web Ring Group 

82. Podcast

Building traffic with Podcast is one of the hottest crazes over the Internet.

83. Message Board

Adding a message board to your website  will encourage visitors to communicate with you.

84. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are important for your website usability. The website should have a clear navigation path to make it easier for customers to find your pages. If the visitor finds it difficult to navigate your site they will leave your site.

85. Join Question And Answer Sites

People come to this sites looking for answers. Be the expert and answer their questions. The great thing about this sites it will drive tons of free traffic to your website. I have compose a list of my favorite sites for answer or making questions.

  • Answers.com

  • Blurit.com

  • Anybodyoutthere.com

  • Funadvice.com

  • Askville.com

  • Askmehelpdesk.com

  • Answerbank.com

  • Answerly.com

  • Answerbag.com

  • Friendfeed.com

  • Answers.yahoo.com

  • Ask.com

  • Allexperts.com

86.  Traffic Exchanges 

Traffic exchange is a website which provides services for the exchange of traffic. Here is a list of sites that offer traffic exchange.

  • HitLeap.com

  • 10KHits.com

  • SmileyTraffic.com

  • 247AutoHits.com

  • AutoSurfPro.com

  • SimplyAutohits.com

  • Autosurf365.com

  • Autosurfmyth.com

  • Clickevolution.com

  • Freemillionautosurf.com

  • Bonus-hits.com

  • Traffic4dummies.com

  • MyTrafficPlan.com

 87.  Create MP3

Convert your original content to MP3 to drive more traffic to your websites.

88.  Flyers On Community Boards

Post a flyers on community billboards at local establishments. Here are some examples of common places to place a flyer.

  • Restaurants

  • Library

  • Schools

  • Town Hall

  • Laundry mats

89.  Create An App

Developing an app for your website is an inexpensive way to drive more traffic. I have enlisted some of my favorite sites that help you deliver an app.

  • Appsmakerstore

  • Appsme

  • Introwizard

  • MedImobile

Follow this blueprint to create an app. 

90. Banner Advertising 

Increase targeted traffic using banner advertising. Here are a couple of sites that offer banner advertising services.

  • 1800banners.com

  • Clicksor.com

  • Advertise

  • Buysellads

  • Adroll

  • Buyads

91. GroupOn

Post your services or products on GroupOn.

92. Sponsored Social Media Advertising

93. Testimonials

Have customers whom has bought your services or product write a testimonial.

94. Speak At Events

When speaking at events make sure to have your website present in the slideshow at all times.

95. Website Speed 

There are free tools that test how fast your website loads. Too slow? You will loose visitors.  Here are some sites where you can test you site speed.

  • Webpagetest.org

  • Gtmetrix.com

  • Tools.pingdom.com

  • Speedtest.net

96. Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is a great tool that lets you rub multiple tweeter account 24/7.  Super Tweet

97. Partner Up With Affiliate Marketing

98. Living Social

Place an ad on Living Social on your products or services to get tons of traffic

99. Meet Up

Join Meetup, they helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world. You will be able to meet others with the same interest as yourself and they might be able to give your tips on driving traffic.

100. Website Design

Make sure to pick a theme for your site that is attractive and easy to navigate.

Online Web Design Courses

101. Interview

Interview top experts in your field and this will drive tons of traffic.

102. Call To Action

Anytime you post anything have an call to action for example, click here or call now.

103. Interviewing Posting 

Find experts in your field and interview them.

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