22 File-Sharing Tools for Easy Collaboration

Working online means we often have files we want to share with teammates or clients. While emailing attachments is still a popular choice to send files, it has restrictions on file size. It's also not conducive to collaboration, as it doesn't allow for multiple people to work on the same file at once. Instead of overflowing email inboxes with attachments, we can make use of a variety of file-sharing tools, all cloud-based, with many including storage facilities to track your transfers. These tools also save you from the setup, cost and maintenance of running your own home server (VPN), and make it easy to upload files to share with friends or colleagues, access remotely (on any device), or store for later.

We've identified 22 of the top file-sharing tools to save you from inbox overload, and allow you to securely store, share and manage your files and documents.

  • 1. Dropmark


    Dropmark provides simple collaboration and file sharing in the cloud, with drag-and-drop facility from your desktop to browser, so your files are automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately, and organize files into collections with sharable shortlinks.

    You can view every collection as a fullscreen presentation, mixing images, websites and more. You can even drag in audio or video from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud or your desktop to create custom playlists and podcasts. With the Dropmark for Mac app you can just drag and drop to your Mac menu bar and upload directly to your account.

    Price: $5 per month - $40 per year

  • 2. Dropbox


    Arguably one of the most popular cloud storage and file-sharing services available, Dropbox provides effortless file synchronization, with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry. You can set up share files or folders to work in collaboration with others -- once you create a shared folder and add people to it, it will appear in their Dropbox, so any member of the folder can add, delete or edit files within it.

    You can also share with non-Dropbox users by creating a link to a file or folder. Users can then use the link to preview the contents through their browsers. Once you install Dropbox on your desktop, simply add files to your Dropbox folder and it will automatically sync those files to your Dropbox account (meaning you have access to your work anywhere).

    Price: Free - $15 per month (Business)

  • 3. Hightail


    Hightail provides online file sharing and storage, with the ability to send files up to 2GB, and share, edit and update project folders with clients and colleagues. With unlimited file storage you can use the provided mobile and desktop apps to access your files wherever you are. Security is paramount, with password protection, identity verification and file tracking, along with 128-bit SSL encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest. Mobile file sharing gives you direct access to your projects, with any changes updated instantly, data encryption to and from your device, and the ability to digitally sign documents on your mobile or tablet.

    Price: Free - approx. $24.99 per month (Teams)

  • 4. SugarSync


    SugarSync provides cloud storage and file sharing capabilities, allowing you to browse, access, back-up and sync online. Sharing large files and folders is incredibly easy; you can share public links to your files, collaborate on shared folders, sync folders of information across teams and apply folder permissions.

    To share, just generate a public link for any file or folder and share it with your team. When the recipient clicks the link, he or she is able to download its contents with no registration required. With the folder permissions feature you can share a folder as "read-only" so recipients can view the files, but cannot make changes.

    Price: $7.49 per month (Individual) - $55 per month (Business)

  • 5. Dropcanvas


    Dropcanvas provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to upload your file and generate a shortlink to share with collaborators. There's no registration required, but you can log in to save your storage links. There's no effort or thought needed to use the service -- just drag and drop a file onto the canvas, where you are then provided with a link to share your files. There's also a share button for easy access to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

    Users get unlimited storage, with a limit of 5GB per canvas. Anonymous uploads last a minimum of 60 days, and you can delete your uploads by simply clicking the Edit icon in the toolbar.

  • 6. Google Drive


    With Google Drive you can create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and share files or folders with anyone, choosing who can view, edit or comment on your content. You can collaborate at the same time, on the same document, and see changes as they appear. You can open more than 30 file types in your browser, even if you don't have the program installed on your computer.

    Google Drive tracks every change you make, and each save creates a new revision, so you can look back as far as 30 days automatically or choose a revision to save forever.

    Price: Free - $799 per month (Providing 16GB Storage)

  • 7. Minus


    Minus offers easy drag-and-drop uploading without registration, with a file size limit of 2GB. Guest uploads expire after 30 days, and registering for an account offers personalized domains, up to 50GB of free storage space and your files remain indefinitely without expiring.

    Uploading is insanely simple -- just drag your file to the canvas and it's immediately uploaded with a shortlink to share your file, and an option to add effects (using Aviary), a description, and share on social media or via email. The iOS and Android apps allow you to upload and manage your account while on the go.

    Price: Free

  • 8. WeTransfer


    WeTransfer is a hassle-free file-transferring service that allows up to 2GB per transfer in a simple, secure environment. To send files, just click Add Files, type in the email address of the person you're sharing with (along with your own email address) and then hit the transfer button. You can also easily share via social media with the Share button.

    Both you and your recipient will receive a confirmation email, where you can view and download your files. The Plus account allows transfers of up to 10GB, including entire HD videos and sets of photos and work files, you can also present your work in style with custom backgrounds and URLs.

    Price: Free - $10 per month (Plus)

  • 9. Box


    Box offers simple, secure sharing from anywhere, helping you securely centralize all your content and keep it in sync with your teammates. With the Personal plan, you're allocated 10GB of personal storage, with a 250MB file upload limit. You can share photos, presentations or any type of link, and the recipient views the file from within his or her browser.

    Real-time updates and email notifications let everyone know when a team member comments on an important document or uploads/downloads files. With the Box native apps you can view and share files from any devices.

    Price: Free - $35 per month (Enterprise)

  • 10. Dropsend


    Dropsend is an application to share large files up to 4GB, ideal for sending JPGs, PDFs and MP3s in a fast, simple and secure way. There's no software to install, and you're able to back up all your files in the cloud and store important information so you can access it anywhere.

    Just type in an email address, browse for a file and click Send, with the option to send more than one file at a time. The recipient simply clicks the link in the email (without the need to register for a Dropsend account), and when you send a file, it's recorded in your Sent Folder to keep track of what you've sent.

    Price: Free - $99 per month (Business)

  • 11. Sendspace


    Sendspace allows you to send files as large as 300MB with even larger files spilt into parts. Drag files or click Browse to upload, and you can add a description, enter your recipient's name and your own email address and click Upload. A file can be downloaded an unlimited number of times by as many people as you want, for as long as you want, as long as the file stays active. A file becomes inactive if it hasn't been downloaded at least once during a set period.

    While you can send files without registering, you're unable to see if it was downloaded by the recipient. As a Lite user, you can download up to 1GB a day, or 4GB with the Max account.

    Price: Free - 15.99 per month (Pro Plus)

  • 12. itrnsfr


    itrnsfr makes sending large files easy, with a limit of 2GB per file and the ability to transfer an unlimited number of files at once. Just upload your file and add the recipient's email address. This will then be delivered to their inbox, where they can view and download the file. You can add multiple recipients emails and watch your files being uploaded, with the ability to cancel at anytime. Clicking the padlock button enables you to encrypt your files with a set password.

    Price: Free

  • 13. TransferBigFiles


    TransferBigFiles does exactly what its name suggests -- it provides an easy way to send and receive files that are too big for email attachments, with the ability to add up to 20GB. To create a new transfer, add your files or folders, which instantly upload to the secure TransferBigFiles server, and a new transfer page will be created. You then add recipients, a custom message and choose to receive notifications if the file has been downloaded.

    It features password protection and the option to allow recipients to share the files. If you're sending work to clients, you can customize the download page to match your branding.

    Price: Free - $50 per month (Business)

  • 14. SendThisFile


    SendThisFile allows you to send large files protected with encryption, with history tracking and file sharing control. There is no restriction on the type of file you send, and once the upload is complete an email is automatically sent to your recipients. Every SendThisFile account comes with a FileBox account to receive your files, which can also be easily integrated into your website and customized to suit your branding.

    You can audit activity logs, export your file transfer history and receive an email confirmation that your recipient has successfully downloaded your file.

    Price: Free - $595 per month (Dedicated Server Plan)

  • 15. Onehub


    OneHub lets you securely store, organize and share files in the cloud. Just drag and drop files directly into your browser, share multiple files, or use the FTP gateway or Onehub sync for OS X. Using Workspaces makes it simple to stay organized and control exactly what your invited users can see, with comments, messages and dashboards.

    Integration with Google Drive means you can create and edit your Google files from inside Onehub, and even simultaneously collaborate on the same document with teammates. You can upload your company logo and choose colors that match your brand.

    Price: $9.95 per month (Dropbox) - $99.95 per month (Business)

  • 16. Droplr


    Droplr offers an easy way to send files, with no folders, syncing or waiting -- just simple, secure and fast file sharing. There's no learning curve; all you need to do is select a file that you need to send to someone, and Droplr gives you a short, secure link to that file. You can share files of up to 2GB, with unlimited storage, custom branding and domain URLS and the ability to embed images and files in your favorite forum, blog or website.

    With the Team Management feature, you can enable and disable users with ease, to help manage your project and collaborators.

    Price: $4.99 per month (Lite) - $9.99 per user per month (Team)

  • 17. CloudApp


    CloudApp is a Mac OS X app that provides a quick way to send screenshots, documents, code snippets, audio, videos, ZIP files, bookmarks and more. Free users can upload 10 files (of 25MB each) per day, while purchasing a Pro account removes the limits and allows for custom branding and files of up to 250MB.

    Install the application from the Mac App Store and drag the files you want to share onto the Cloud icon in your menu bar, and you'll receive a unique URL to share, with the ability to keep track of the number of views and downloads a file receives.

    Price: Free - $45 per year (Pro)

  • 18. Egnyte


    Egnyte provides enterprise file sharing and collaboration in the cloud, with seamless access to your files from any device. With private sharing you have access to content stored behind a firewall using any device, without the need for a VPN. The local file access and cross-office collaboration tools enable remote teams to collaborate without being in the same room.

    Users have a single view of their files, with control of where they're stored based on data classification. There's several ways to upload files, including desktop sync, map drive, web browser and FTP transfer.

    Price: $8 per employee (Office) - $15 per employee (Business)

  • 19. Ge.tt


    Ge.tt is an instant, real-time file-sharing service, which lets you share all types of documents, including documents, videos, photos and more. You can use the service without signing up for an account, but registering brings the benefit of reusing and tracking any content you previously shared. Your files are ready to share immediately, with no need to wait for files to upload, and you can easily track how many people have downloaded or viewed your files.

    Ge.tt is browser-based, so there's no need to install any third-party software or plugins, with the added advantage of using the provided API to integrate Ge.tt into your own website or workflow.

    Price: Free

  • 20. 4shared


    4shared is a service that allows you to upload, share, search and download your videos, music, pictures and documents, with 15GB of free storage as soon as you join. It supports all operating systems, with the ability to upload and download multiple files at the same time, with detailed file and account statistics. You can organize your documents, creating folder structures and access them anywhere.

    As soon as you upload your file, you'll receive a download link that you can share with any verified 4shared user. You can even share entire folders by clicking Activate next to the folder you want to share.

    Price: Free - $77.95 per year

  • 21. MediaFire


    MediaFire lets you store all of your media and makes it available to you anytime you want it, on both mobile and tablet devices. You can share your photos, videos, songs and documents, as well as collaborate on projects, shared folders, and files. You can also control who can edit and view them.

    With up to 50GB of free space, you can back up important files and make sure they are stored securely and privately. MediaFire features unlimited downloads, download resuming and zero wait or queue times, using the web interface, desktop app or mobile applications.

    Price: Free - $24.99 per month (Business)

  • 22. OneDrive


    Microsoft OneDrive lets you store, sync, share and easily collaborate on files, photos, videos and documents securely, with the ability to synchronize your files with your devices to access your content offline. With built-in integration with Microsoft Office, you can work on the same project files and documents in real time, seamlessly collaborating and sharing files.

    You can share entire folders, such as photo albums, without attaching anything -- simply send an email with a link to only what you want to share and everything else in your OneDrive stays private.

    Price: Free - $100 per year (200GB Storage)


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