Moz 2014 Industry Survey Reveals Budgets Are Up & Median Marketing Salary Trumps SEO Pay

Marketing analytics provider Moz has released its latestindustry survey, polling more than 3,700 internet professionals on a number of marketing and search related topics. According to Moz’s survey results, not only are budgets on the rise, but the median marketing salary totaled $73,034, the fifth highest median salary by role. Moz broke down salaries by position and experience, with the top four median salaries belonging to engineering, user experience, e-commerce and web analytics professionals.

Median Salary by Role:

Moz Survey salary results

Survey respondents with ten or more years experience earned the most, with a median salary of $123,403. Industry professionals with five to ten years experience earned a median salary of $86,253, while anyone with less than two years of experienced earned a median salary ranging from $33,078 to $38,196.

Median Salary by Experience:

Moz median salary by experience

At 71.7 percent, Moz’s survey respondents were mostly male, although, the company noted the number of women respondents has increased since 2010, growing from 20.7 percent to 28.3 percent this year. Nearly half the respondents were from the US, with 16 percent from the UK, 6.6 percent from India and 4 percent from Canada.

Moz’s survey results found budgets are climbing, with more than half of the respondents reporting to have monthly budgets of $500 or more compared to only a third of last year’s respondents who had similar budgets. Nearly 25 percent of participants said they had monthly budgets over $3,000, with 11 percent of respondents claiming to have more than $10,000 to spend per month on marketing tools.

Top Marketing Activities

Overall, survey respondents ranked their top five marketing activities in the following order: analytics, content marketing, keyword research, social media marketing and brand strategy. The survey results found the top five marketing metrics included: conversions, revenue, leads, unique visits and rankings.

Moz broke down the top marketing activities based on where survey respondents worked, with 41 percent claiming to be part of an in-house team, 31 percent with an agency, and the 10 percent who identified themselves as independent consultants.

Analytics remained the No. 1 activity for in-house and agency teams, while content creation was the top activity for independents.

Moz survey top activites

Top Social Platforms & Tools

Moz also polled respondents to identify the top social platforms, with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the lead. Moz says Google+ usage has increased since last year, with 55 percent of respondents using it in 2012 compared to 70 percent this year.

Pinterest is also up this year with 7 percent more marketers using it since 2012, while YouTube is down with 11 percent fewer respondents claiming to use Google’s video platform compared to the number of respondents who claimed to use it last year.

Moz Survey Top 10 social platformsAccording to the survey results, the number of respondents claiming not to use any social tools continues to drop. Only 11 percent of respondents this year claimed not to use any social media tools compared to last year’s 20 percent who said they didn’t use social media tools.

Top Ten Social Tools:

  1. Facebook Insights

  2. HootSuite

  3. Moz

  4. Bitly

  5. Followerwonk

  6. TweetDeck

  7. Klout

  8. Buffer

  9. Twitter

  10. Topsy

Moz also asked respondents to rank their top content tools and found Google dominated the list with Google Trends, Google Alerts, Google Insights for Search and Google+ Trending taking the top four spots. Reddit, HARO, Moz Fresh Explorer, Disqus, MyBlogGuest and Topsy took the following six spots for top content tools.

Moz’s survey also covered search related topics, which you can read more about on our partner site at Search Engine Land: Moz 2014 Industry Survey Results: Google Webmaster Tools Ranked Top SEO Tool.

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