Protect your Skype Account from Getting Hacked

Have you received a strange message on Skype with a link to LinkedIn or Baidu? If something unfortunate like this has happened with you then you are not alone. Several Skype accounts have been hacked recently, and some of the users actually believed that they were protected by Microsoft. 

So, what happens to these breached Skype accounts?
These hacked or breached Skype accounts are used to send spam messages before they have been reported and locked. Skype accounts have been hacked before when the hackers used the stolen usernames and passwords to gain access to various Skype accounts.
According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the hackers have been using the illegally obtained combinations of usernames and passwords to see if they exist. He further said that Microsoft has been taking steps to make the login process stricter to ensure that no further hacking takes place.
Microsoft continuously prompts its users to update their Skype account in order to ensure that they benefit from the additional protection and security offered by the two-factor authentication process.
To stay protected, it is recommended that you merge your Microsoft account with Skype. If you already have these two accounts merged then you must update your Skype account to ensure that both these accounts are merged at the Microsoft’s account page.

"Some Skype customers have reported their accounts being used to send spam," says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. "There is no breach of Skype security, instead we believe criminals are using username and password combinations obtained illegally to see if they exist on Skype. We continue to take steps to harden the login process and recommend customers update their Skype account to a Microsoft account to benefit from added protections such as two-factor authentication."
This year's attack appears to be growing in size, and Skype users might think they're protected by Microsoft's two-factor security, when in reality they're probably not. Microsoft offers the ability to link a Skype and Microsoft Account together to make sign-in and security easier. If you already enabled this months ago, it turns out that Microsoft has kept your original Skype account password separate so that it can still be used to access the service with a Skype username. If that password isn't secure or you used it elsewhere then hackers can use it to gain access to Skype, bypassing any two-factor authentication provided by Microsoft.

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