Skype for Business Translate as a tool in Business and Education

The world is very diverse. Different people have different cultures and speak different languages in different geographic locations. This can only be seen as a setback for globalization. How can we convey our message on an international stage? There may be some companies that offer a broad perspective for their product, such that it is helpful anywhere and everywhere. But, if no one else in the world knows what their product is, or what it can do, their consumer market is confined to, at most, the national level. How can we overcome this ??


When you think about “Classroom”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably, a few desks, chairs, a teacher, teaching on a chalkboard, and students, listening (or maybe not so much). In any case, we just think of a teacher’s lecture confined to a room. Why do we think this way? Its because that is how a “classroom” has been all this time –
A boring place confined to a small space! It’s about time that we change our traditional teaching and marketing methodologies and see what we can achieve using a communication software, like Skype.


Skype not only helps two people from different parts of the world to communicate, but also helps companies to bring their products up to the international level. Skype’s new feature, Skype translator, now the talk of the town, has taken the world of telecommunication by storm. This is something that people,including myself, have envisioned, but lack the resources and the knowledge to make it a reality. Skype translator overcomes language barriers by translating speech, between the two ends, to a language which each can understand. So, if one person speaks in Chinese and the other in say, Japanese, they can still have a meaningful conversation.


“Skype for business” is the paid or commercial version of Skype for Enterprise. Its previous iteration was called Lync. It provides various features like: Instant Messaging ; arrangement of online meetings; voice and video calls. that facilitates easy communication within businesses, external business partners, suppliers, customers, family and friends

Using Skype in Classroom:

The infinite possibilities of Skype’s tremendous breakthrough, “Skype translator” ,was seen first hand by the students of today. Two schools, one in Seattle Washington and the other in Mexico City, were asked to play “Mystery Skype”, where one school had to guess the location of the other. Their guesses were solely based on a conversation between the students over Skype. One School speaks English and the other, Spanish, and hence, a language barrier. But using Skype Translator, the students overcame this hurdle and were able to communicate. Making students experience such a feat, first hand, opens their minds to the realm of infinite possibilities.


It is time to pave way for classroom collaboration on an international scale! We can have online instructors who give lectures to students anywhere in the world. In this way, teachers have the opportunity to impart knowledge to enthusiastic students across boarders. Furthermore, with the introduction of Skype Translator, students can completely grasp any concept.

Cloud based Student Information systems, such as Classe365, already help improve classroom interactions between students and teachers. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it actually does ! Classe365 will soon integrate with Skype! Online lectures will soon be available to all institutions affiliated with us. You just need to know any one language in the world, have a computer (and enthusiasm to learn,of course) , and you’re good to go!


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