Skype for Business Security Features Safety when planning your meetings

The security of your business data is a big concern online. Whether you are using the zoom on Skype or other VOIP services, the safety of your private messages and meetings should come first. If you are on zoom, you should take Skype for Business security seriously. Remember that your clients hold video conferences over zoom often. What’s more, they discuss confidential matters about your business. The meetings you hold over Skype should always be secure, as they consist of your valuable secrets. To protect your business, and to help you cope with Skype for business security issues, there are a number of security features you can utilize on Zoom. These features will allow you to have safe video conferencing and live meetings without the fear of losing private information. Here they are:
Safety When Planning your Meetings
When you are on Skype for business, there are a number of safety features you could use. They include the following.
  • To keep your meetings safe, click Require meeting password. It is under Password Protection. Then enter an alphanumeric password. This password will be used by every meeting attendant who has a meeting ID. This will keep any unauthorized person from accessing your meeting.
  • When planning and scheduling a meeting, you can avoid clicking Join before the host. This feature is designed to increase your control as the meeting host. No one could start the live conference without you singing in first. On the other hand, if you click it, others will enter the meeting room. Then, you will be notified of their presence. Either way, you get total control of things.
Staying safe during the meeting
There are Skype for business security features that will keep you safe when you have already joined your meeting. They include the following:
  • Lock the meeting by clicking Participants. It is located at the bottom of your Zoom window. Once you do, a pop-up dialogue box will show up. In it, you will see Lock Meeting. Click to stop any other person from joining even with their meeting ID.
  • Expel a participant by clicking Remove. If you click Remove and then Lock Meeting, the person will be expelled until the meeting is over.
  • It is possible to put the meeting on hold. What you should do is click the attendee On-Hold.
This will temporarily put all video and audio connections on hold. When you are ready to restart the meeting, select Start Attendee On-Hold.
Built-in Security Zoom options
When talking about Skype for business encryption we cannot skip these options. They are also meant to protect your meetings via many security layers.
  • The cloud infrastructure is the first option. Zoom Lync meetings are run in the cloud and it is extremely reliable and safe. The Zoom’s communications infrastructure consists of multimedia routers. As well, data that are exchanged between the meeting host and participants is not stored continually.
  • Zoom offers encryption by securing each session’s content. All web communications to are encrypted and hidden. As well, SSL/TLS or port 443 network layers are used to safeguard communications between the multimedia routers and zoom. NIST AES 256 encryption layer is available for use too.
  • Security after the meeting is guaranteed. There is no data retention either on any participant’s device or Zoom routers. This is simply because Zoom communications do not cache any recordings.
Stronger security options
Is skype secure for business use? If you are asking this question, still, you should know about Skype’s advanced security features. They include the following.
There is a hybrid cloud deployment technique that enables you to install zoom in the company’s internal network. It is none other than Zoom Meeting Connector. Although the pieces of data arising from the meeting are controlled on Zoom’s infrastructure, the event itself is held in the company’s internal network. Hence, the whole traffic stays within the company’s private network.
The SSO, Single Sign-On, is another advanced safety option. It requires a user to access your applications via Google Apps, for instance. In collaboration with SAML, Zoom provides reliable SSO to you so you can determine who can access Zoom.
The above security features are good for any business that is using Skype for business PBX solution. However, there are more features you can use to safeguard your video and audio conferences on Zoom from skype for business security risks. Prior to searching for new security methods, have you downloaded and installed Zoom Lync plugin? All you need is to first install the Skype app for business. Then, download and install Zoom Lync Plugin. Finally, install the Zoom Client and you will be good to go. For the Plugin to work, restart your downloaded app for business on Skype or your Office 365 application if using a PC. Once you have installed Zoom Client, it will be easier to schedule meetings and follow the simple security features we have discussed.

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