Features of Skype for Business

There are a lot of consumers that feel like VoIP never quite lived up to the hype. VoIP suppliers often said their products extended the features of a traditional PBX -- but many times the tools simply weren’t capable of providing businesses everything they needed.
Then Skype for Business came along, fulfilling the promise of the Internet as a full-service communications pathway. Skype for Business is now housed under the Microsoft suite of tools. The addition of Skype for Business helped turn Office 365 into a full-service communications platform.
If you haven’t looked at the latest iteration of Skype, this article will share five of the best features of this VoIP provider who finally got it all right.

Skype for Business – Top Productivity Features

Skype for Business is different from the free Skype tool for individuals. It has a number of particularly useful features geared toward businesses of all sizes: 
1. PortabilitySkype for Business travels with you. It works well across all of your digital devices, from the desktop to Android and iOS. You – and up to 250 of your colleagues -- can dial in from anywhere there’s a digital connection and engage in video, audio, and web-based conferencing.
2. Calendar IntegrationSkype for Business integrates with your Outlook calendar. This makes it simple to schedule meetings and stay on top of tasks. Skype for Business also has a web scheduler that summarizes upcoming meetings with notes reflecting topics and tasks. It also lets you join meetings from the web scheduler and invite others to join in.
3. Participant Control DashboardThe control panel for presenters puts you in the driver’s seat. You can mute individual attendees or block a person’s video if needed. If you’re in the midst of a meeting and forgot to invite someone, just ping him or her from Skype without ever leaving the conference. You can also set up a customized view of your Skype screen; there are four choices, from a compact tile view to the speaker view that lets you see the presenter on the screen along with their presentation.
4. Whiteboard ToolsImagine you’re in a meeting and you want to write on the whiteboard to illustrate your ideas or capture participant brainstorming sessions. Skype for Business lets you do that -- virtually. You can add notations to a whiteboard for participants. You can also poll your audience to get some real-time feedback. Or, open the floor to written Q&A’s while keeping participants on mute.
5. Recording and PlaybackEveryone misses meetings now and then, but with this Skype for Business feature, you never have to worry. Skype even lets you record all the component pieces of the meeting (video, audio, IM, whiteboard, etc.), or the entire thing, for later review. You can even pick your resolution settings for playback, including HD.
Skype for Business brings the power of video, audio, and more to your fingertips. We highly recommend getting to know this robust communications tool to improve the productivity of your office teams.

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